Monday, August 20, 2012

When Green Meets Gray

 The Green Meets the Gray


n the 3rd of August 2012, the OCC CL 39-12 “Kabalikat” visited the Philippine Military Academy in Loakan, Baguio City. For three splendid days, the members of the Kabalikat Class mingled with their brothers and sisters in arms from the PMA. The whole experience was filled with the spirit of camaraderie matched with the cold and chilling atmosphere of Baguio City.

Upon arriving, the Kabalikat Class was welcomed by the 1st class Army cadets of PMA class 2013, the very same class which stayed at the Officer Candidate School for 45 days last June. The PMA visit was a sort of reuinion for both classes.

The Kabalikat class also spent their time with PMA cadets from the Air Force and Navy, who, Like the PMA Army Cadets, shared and showed how they live their lives as PMA cadets.

Other than spending time and sharing ideas with the PMA cadets, the members of the Kabalikat class were also very privileged to meet and actually converse with 1LT ROMERO, a member of OCC CL 32, who shared her wisdom to them. She was able to give the Kabalikat class encouragements and foresights on what to expect in the field.

The Kabalikat class toured Baguio City on their way home and went to experience the sight and ambiance of The Mansion, Burnham Park, and Mines View Park.

SOC RANOLA is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing
                       at the University of Bohol.

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