Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Graceful Girl That I Know



There is a girl that I do really know
No one can resist or said NO
She was once a young girl playing on streets
Now a beautiful lady with a smile like sweets

Brain and beauty inside and out
It’s all in her without a doubt
A dream girl every man wants to marry
By looking at her you could say “I am so lucky”

Bunch of suitors giving her flowers
Promises they made to make her better
A heart so fragile no one could carry
With personality of her as sweet as berry

Then she try to love way back before
Two years of love broke her heart and sore
She was bitter I could really say
But what else can she do. He couldn’t stay

There comes a guy a friend of mine
A dare to kiss that make her shine
Then again she had a broken heart
We are so guilty we are part of that art.

Lessons are learned in every relationship
As irony as history sunk the titanic ship
Hopefully someday you’ll find the man you deserve
We are here as friends and we will observe

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