Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Are Dumbguards

We Are Dumbguards

(JOC ABOBO OC – 2408 PA)

This is the first stage of our OCS life
Too many questions if we could ever survive
Performing properly exercises and army dozen
To be stronger we have to do it more often

Five laps, ten laps, must increase our speed
Why think of negative when our stamina is develop instead
Bridge, bridge , bridge until we break our heart
Never mind the bone if it would ever crack

March, high knees and cadence
Face the officers and the colors with confidence
Double time is to keep us on the go
Give us work and we don’t questions we do

Never verify that is what they say
We have our eyes but pretend we don’t see
Stand up, brace up and chin-in
The square meal, hands back, okay just breathe-in

This is what  a dumbguard life is
Eliminating all our civilian antics
Attitude and teamwork are developed in us
Valor, integrity and duty are put in our mind and hearts

Endure the hardship and pain
We perspire for the knowledge we need to gain
To become snappy upperclassmen
And nation’s best army team

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